The Radioland Media Collective

Clarke Mackey (writer-director)
Clarke Mackey an Emeritus Professor in the Department of Film and Media at Queen’s with a background in directing films and television in Toronto. He has worked as a director, cinematographer, editor, producer or writer on over 50 film, television and new media projects. Many have won awards and critical acclaim. Mackey’s first feature film, The Only Thing You Know (1971), won two Canadian Film Awards (now called Genies) including the Best Actress award. This film is considered by many critics to be an important film in the early development of independent cinema in this country. His documentary A Right to Live (1976) is called “one of the key moments in the history of committed documentary in Canada” by Peter Steven in his book Brink of Reality: New Canadian Documentary Film and Video (1993). In the 1980s, Mackey directed several episodes of the Emmy Award-winning TV series Degrassi Junior High. In the 1990s Mackey began experimenting with interactive, computer-based video. His Memory Palace website (1997) made innovative use of media streaming long before Youtube. In recent years Mackey has been producing micro-budget documentaries about community activism in Eastern Ontario. Til The Cows Come Home (2014) has been screened widely and received positive critical response. Mackey’s most recent feature is the archival documentary called Revolution Begins at Home (2017). In 2018, Mackey was awarded a “Mayor’s Creator Award” from the City of Kingston.

Lib Spry (creative consultant)
Lib Spry has been a theatre maker for over 50 years as a director, writer, producer, educator, performer, popular theatre worker and translator. She is a specialist in non-traditional theatre forms: popular theatre, community theatre, site-specific theatre, theatre for young audiences, clown, bouffon, commedia dell’ arte, and other forms of physical theatre and is a recognized teacher of Theatre of the Oppressed. She founded and ran three theatre companies: Theatre Agile (2011- present), Passionate Balance (1989-96) and with Shirley Barrie co-founded the award-winning Straight Stitching Productions (1986-96). She worked with Odyssey Theatre as the writer and/or translator on Turandot, The Miser, The Raven, and Bungsu and the Big Snake. Recent work includes: director of the Theatre Kingston production of Daniel David Moses’ Almighty Voice and His Wife; director and dramaturge and co-creator of Ambigüité with Ottawa artist Guy Marsan; directing Anusree Roy’s Letters to My Grandma for Teesri Duniya Theatre; writing and performing Trance For Matron – her solo show for old woman, objects, memories, desires, anger and zimmer ; devising and directing a vaudeville entitled We Are Old! We are Wonderful! with RECAA (an organization for seniors dedicated to using theatre to educate communities to recognize the mistreatment and abuse of seniors); directing Teesri Duniya’s production of Where the Blood Mixes by Kevin Loring. She has recently finished a PhD in Cultural Studies at Queens University –Unsettling Settlers’ Colonial Privilege Through Performance: Movement, Sound, Participation, Play, Laughter and now has a post doctoral fellowship with Nadia Myre at Concordia University.

Matt Rogalsky (audio consultant and post-production mixing)
Matt Rogalsky works in live electronic music composition and performance, sound installation, and study of late 20th century compositions by David Tudor and other composers. He has been active in performance of David Tudor’s music since 1996, and is based in Kingston Ontario where he runs the Sonic Arts Studio in the Dan School of Drama and Music at Queen’s University. Recent projects include the outdoor sound installations Octet (2016) and Into the Middle of Things (2017, with LJ Cameron), which are based on research into the life and work of William WH Gunn, Canadian conservationist and field recordist. In 2021 Rogalsky will begin publishing electronic compositions from a series entitled Revisitations, with a new release on XI Records.

Kevin Bowers (composer)
Kevin Bowers is a guitarist, singer and songwriter who plays in the bands Holy Wow, Sedan Delivery, Me Man Jack, China Cat Riders and others in Kingston. He teaches media studies and movie production at LCVI.

Jeremy Kerr (Recording Engineer)
Jeremy Kerr (he/him) is a sound artist, designer and musician currently based in Kingston. His past works include sound design and underscoring for the radio play The Sound Castle presented at the 2020 Shortwave festival and the 2017 soundscape generating installation Islands and The Woods presented at The Union Gallery at Queens. He also performs and writes music with The Meringues and as Purple Aster.